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Demystifying data.

Analyse Australia is an initiative of social research agency McCrindle.
With a mission to inform and equip organisations for maximum impact.

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Analyse Australia is a platform created by McCrindle, which exists to help leaders and managers make sense of their data. We turn complicated data into practical and engaging insights.

Through this platform we will tell the story of our changing nation and provide guidance on how to drive your business strategy over the next decade.

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Australia towards 2031

The demographic, consumer and behavioural trends shaping the nation

Thursday 19th August 2021

Leaders can grow great organisations when they have the latest data on hand to guide their strategies and decision-making.

To help you grow your organisation, this one-hour virtual event will provide you with the latest consumer and demographic trends. Our expert presenters share the insights in an engaging and inspiring series of short keynotes so you can have a clearer picture of your next steps.

Set yourself up to be one step ahead by getting across the latest consumer trends, Australia’s changing demographic identity, alongside the rise of the regions, the workplace of the future, and the wellbeing era as we look towards 2031.

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Australia towards 2031

Download our latest report exploring the demographic, consumer and behavioural trends shaping the nation.

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